Pepperdine Digital Lab

Pepperdine Digital Learn Lab

CTM integrated a state of the art AV system for Pepperdine’s newly remodeled Digital Learn Lab which serves as a showcase classroom for their Malibu campus.  The Digital Learn Lab incorporates next generation AV technology for delivering educational curriculum in today’s collaborative learning environments. The project includes 4 Media:scapes where students can share their digital content on a display with 4-6 other students.  The instructor can display digital content from the large screen at the front of the lab and/or on any of the 4 displays. There is wireless capabilities set up in the lab so that the instructor can display content wirelessly on the various displays.  The AV system is controlled with a wireless touch panel that can also be used from a laptop.  


Pepperdine University is a private research university affiliated with the Churches of Christ, with its main campus in Malibu, California. The university provides students with a range of educational opportunities, including graduate professional programs. As it continually strives to expand educational resources available to students, the university wanted to add a Digital Learning Lab to its Payson Library. The room was intended to serve as a collaborative space where students could receive hands-on instruction on utilizing library research resources and to work together on research and other collaborative projects.


Abbey Chong, Project Manager for Facilities and Planning at Pepperdine, consulted with ClearTech Media (CTM) to develop and implement an audiovisual system for the new Payson Digital Learn Lab. To meet the client’s goals for the new room, CTM designed an AV system that emphasizes facilitating student collaboration. The room features 4 Steelcase media:scape tables. The media:scape product line are sustainably designed, configurable furniture pieces intended for use in collaborative professional or educational environments. An enclosure is included in the center of each table that provides HDMI connections for BYOD connectivity. CTM installed a 42” LED display at each of the tables to display content from connected devices. CTM also installed a ceiling-mounted WUXGA LCD projector, aimed at a Dalite 60”x96” 16:10 format manually operated projection screen with Controlled Screen Release. To provide program audio, CTM installed 4 ceiling speakers to optimally distribute sound throughout the room.

CTM installed a digital multimedia matrix switcher so that devices connected to any of the media:scape tables could be displayed by the projector or any of the room’s displays. The system is controlled by an Apple iPad utilizing the Crestron Control App for Apple iOS. CTM worked with the client to develop a control layout that would meet all of the client’s needs while maintaining an intuitive and visually appealing design. The layout features icon based touch controls, allowing users to easily perform functions including display on/off, volume control and source selection and routing.


Pepperdine University is setting a precedent among educational institutions by preparing their students to work effectively in collaborative environments in the professional world. The Payson Digital Learn Lab represents a new type of classroom that fosters student collaboration by leveraging innovations in instructional technology. The client was very pleased with CTM’s work in designing and implementing an AV system that is intuitive, visually stunning and appealing to their Millennial Generation student body. The room serves as a model for collaborative technology classrooms that Pepperdine can implement in other areas of their Malibu campus and satellite campuses.

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