Pepperdine Irvine

Pepperdine University Irvine Graduate Campus

CTM installed new AV systems for Pepperdine University Irvine Graduate Campus. The project included 22 classroom AV systems, distance learning room with AV and videoconferencing system, digital signage throughout the campus, and mobile videoconferencing carts to be deployed in their classrooms. This project was a feature article and made the front cover of Sound & Communications, January 2013 Issue.  Extron also developed a case study for this project and did a photo shoot for the article.


Pepperdine University provides students with a range of educational opportunities, including graduate professional programs at its main campus in Malibu and a graduate campus in Irvine, California. The university wanted to standardize the AV systems in 22 classrooms and a larger, tiered classroom at the Irvine graduate campus, so that professors and students would have the same experience regardless of which room they are using. Additionally, the university wanted to implement digital signage to deliver news and information on each of 3 floors occupied by the campus. Expressing the need to implement new AV throughout the campus, Austin Oakes, Senior Project Manager at Pepperdine, stated “…with AV systems that were more than 10 years old, they were just plain worn out and in need of replacement.” Since the Irvine campus is a satellite of Pepperdine’s main campus in Malibu, it was essential that Pepperdine staff at the main campus would be able to remotely manage and support the AV equipment in Irvine to ensure smooth, simple, and effective operation.

Classrooms at the Irvine graduate campus span the second and third floor of a high-rise building. The standard 30-seat classrooms and the 50-seat tiered classroom required user-friendly AV systems that would enable professors to connect their devices and deliver high resolution video presentations. It was also essential for the AV system in the tiered classroom to integrate with videoconferencing equipment to support distance learning. Additionally, the Pepperdine AV team wanted to improve the efficiency of classroom AV equipment and ensure simple, effective system operation. This includes the ability to monitor the maintenance needs of AV devices and provide remote helpdesk support to professors at the Irvine campus, all from a central location.


Austin Oakes, Senior Project Manager at Pepperdine, consulted with ClearTech Media (CTM) to design and implement AV systems in classrooms throughout Pepperdine’s Irvine campus. He also wanted to adopt a platform for remotely managing AV systems throughout the satellite campus. Christina De Bono, president of CTM, collaborated with Extron to establish their platform as the AV control standard for Pepperdine’s Irvine campus and introduced Oakes to Extron Global Viewer Enterprise, a powerful software-based AV resource management solution. Oakes was impressed with the capability of Global Viewer, stating that “The GlobalViewer Enterprise platform is actually a big part of what made Extron a very attractive system for the university to be on.” After deciding with the client to standardize the campus with Extron, CTM created an identical AV system design for 22 classrooms and a unique, state-of-the art design for the tiered classroom.

In each of the standard classrooms, CTM installed ceiling-mounted WUXGA LCD projectors aimed at manually operated Dalite projection screens with Controlled Screen Release. Program audio is provided by a pair of Extron Flat Field ceiling speakers. The Flat Field speakers deliver consistent sound levels throughout the room while assuming a low profile by occupying the space of a ceiling tile. For convenience, CTM installed connections for HDMI and VGA on a wall plate at the front of each room as well as in a floor box adjacent to the instructor table. The systems are controlled by Extron Medialink controllers which handle system on/off modes, source selection, volume and Blu-ray/DVD player controls. The controllers are mounted on AV wall boxes, which also house each system’s Blu-ray player, presentation switcher and audio amplifier. To provide mobile videoconferencing capability for campus-wide use, CTM designed and built two mobile videoconferencing carts. A 60” LED display is mounted on each cart, both of which house Polycom HDX videoconferencing systems.

In the tiered classroom, CTM installed a ceiling-mounted 7000 lumen WUXGA LCD projector aimed at a ceiling recessed electric screen. Two Polycom Eagle Eye cameras are installed in the room for videoconferencing, one at the rear of the room to capture the instructor, and the other at the front to capture the audience. Two ceiling microphones are installed at both the front and center of the room to provide voice reinforcement for videoconferencing. Program and conferencing audio is provided by 12 ceiling speakers distributed throughout the room. The system is controlled by a 7” Extron Touchlink touch panel controller. The Pepperdine University logo and color scheme were integrated into the design of the touch panel interface. The touch panel is mounted on a custom instructor multimedia lectern. The lectern also houses a Blu-ray player, instructor PC and monitor and an Extron Cable Cubby enclosure, which provides connections for HDMI, VGA and LAN.

The client wanted to deliver digital content to visitors upon entering each of the campus’ three occupied floors. CTM installed digital signage displays on each of the campus’ 3 floors. Each display is strategically located adjacent to the elevators on each floor so that they are prominently featured. Each 32” LED display is mounted in a glass enclosure within brick wall. The displays deliver pertinent university news, information and class schedules, with content created by Pepperdine staff.


The installation at Pepperdine’s Irvine campus fulfilled the university’s needs for consistent AV systems that are user-friendly, cost-effective and reliable. “This project embodies many different types of AV applications being utilized today by higher educational institutions, including digital signage, distance learning, standard classroom AV, and mobile videoconferencing using a standard platform for AV,” says Christina De Bono. Adopting a standardized platform for AV systems throughout their campus has enabled the university to provide a familiar and reliable experience in each of the campus’ classrooms. Pepperdine University’s Irvine campus is a great example of how a university with satellite campuses can leverage network based AV control and diagnostics to remotely manage all of their AV systems.

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