The Sustainable WELL Choice

The words “green” and “sustainable” are used quite often these days however ClearTech’s commitment to the environment is deep seated.  Our corporate philosophy is about incorporating sustainability in every project including recycling all computer wiring and components.

Our commitment to the environment is evident in everything we do. We deliver solutions that enable customers to become more sustainable by lowering their overall carbon emissions. Additionally ClearTech is always looking to the future for trends, on how we can be even more “green”.  Currently we are looking at EMF shielding for the devices that output signals and their effect on not only the environment where they are installed but the environmental impact on our planet as well.

Simply put ClearTech provides green, sustainable, WELL products and solutions that meet the standards for LEED and WELL building certifications and more importantly do what we feel we should be doing as inhabitants and good stewards of our planet.

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